The Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

Cancer is devastating. It takes so many lives. But, catching cancer early can give you a better chance of beating it. To catch it early, you should be screened regularly. It’s also helpful to know the symptoms. Prostate cancer symptoms often don’t appear early, so screenings are very important. If you do have these symptoms, you should talk to your doctor. Even if it turns out to not be cancer, most of these symptoms are very serious and can be indicative of other problems.

Changes in Urination

If you notice changes in urination, you should definitely pay attention. Having a weak stream of urine can be indicative of a serious problem like prostate cancer. Difficulty urinating is also a potentially serious symptom. You may also experience less control over holding your urine. More frequent urination can also be a cause for worry. Painful urination can also occur. If you have blood in your urine, it’s definitely a cause for alarm. Though, it’s not necessarily cancer.

Erectile Dysfunction

A change in your ability to get and keep an erection can also be a cause for alarm. Suddenly developing erectile dysfunction could potentially be a symptom of prostate cancer. But, it could also be caused by plenty of other things.

Changes in Ejaculation

Other sex-related problems could also be symptoms of prostate cancer. You may see a decrease in the amount of fluid you ejaculate. If when you ejaculate you have blood in your semen, you definitely have an issue. It doesn’t automatically mean you have prostate cancer but there’s absolutely some sort of problem you need to have evaluated.


Experiencing pain or discomfort in the pelvic region is another potential symptom. This may not seem as serious as the other symptoms but you should still keep a look out for it. Pain may also occur in the lower back, hips, rectum, or thighs.

Some of these symptoms are extremely serious and should always be checked out by a doctor. But, the presence of them doesn’t mean you have cancer. Often, they’re caused by other issues, many of which are easily fixable. Being able to recognize prostate cancer symptoms is good and paying attention to the changes in your body is important. But, what’s more important than being able to recognize the symptoms is being screened regularly. Most of the time, the symptoms of prostate cancer don’t appear until later on. Being screened regularly is the best way to ensure that if you do get cancer, it’s caught early.

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