Top Reasons to Choose Canister Fish Tank Filters

Canister filters are self-contained, cylindrical-shaped aquarium filter holding media of different types inside. The filter-media can be helpful to clean the water in three ways biologically, mechanically, or chemically. Each one is designed for specific purposes. Canister filters can be applied in saltwater tanks, freshwater tanks, turtle tanks and reef tanks.

How canister filters work?

Water from fish tank runs into the filter-media within the canister through a hose and gets cleaned then it is returned back to the tank. The canister designs functionality may be from top to bottom or vice versa. Whatever may be the case, a pump is needed to push water in and out of the tank.

Top reasons to invest in canister filter

Fish tank filter choice is personal but there are several reasons why investing in canister filter is practical.

Tangible impurities get removed

Mechanical filtration is first phase, where the water sucked from the tank hits the first media. There are multiple mechanical media layer with definite course. First the large particles get removed then there are fine pore pads [foams or sponges], which filter tiny debris from the water and purifies it prior returning to the tank.

Toxic materials within gets filtered

Biological filters within the canister filters toxic material accumulated inside the tank. Mechanical filter removes tangible impurities, while biological filter decreases or eliminates toxic organic materials. It includes waste products released by the fish, food decay or other organic matter. This can result in producing ammonia gas, which can ultimately poison the fish. Fortunately, biological filters take care of these toxic materials keeping the environment in the water free from contamination.

Keeps water within acidify

Chemical filter-media improve the quality of water removing dissolved particulates via resins and activated carbons. Other absorbents like oxidation or protein foam skimming can also be applied.

Minimize noise within the fish tank

Canister filters work noiselessly in comparison. They work well in freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Canister filters are easy to install and you can take advantage of all the three filtering phases – mechanical, biological, and chemical purification.

Reduces evaporation

Spray bar feature allows clean water back inside the tank in safe manner to the fishes. As the clean water filtered back within the tank is less splashed, so the possibility of current or fish disturbance reduces. Thus, there is less evaporation.

Effortless lock and unlock system

The lock and unlock system are fixed in canister filters. It is very convenient for priming purpose making it simple to fill water in the tank. The drainage pipes are fixed. The moment tank pump starts it directs water flow in the tank and as soon as it fills the filtration system starts instantly.

Reduces media cleaning

Medium baskets are designed to obstruct water, which flows in wrong places. Excellent water purification chances are high because media-bins are well-interlocked. Cleaning between 3 to 6 months is sufficient. In addition, the tank filter has media fitted baskets and various valves.

You must have seen how efficient canister filters are in catching more waste, tackling water issues and reducing nitrate levels. Maintenance is very simple and quick. You will also need to consider the energy efficiency of canister filter you opt to invest in!

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