5 Unique Designs of Wedding Ring for Men

While choosing a wedding ring, first thing that you need to decide is about the metal. For those who prefer conventional type, traditional gold should be your choice. Nowadays platinum wedding ring has also become quite popular.

If you are trendy non-conformist, then you can choose other alternative metal e.g. cobalt chrome or titanium. Titanium wedding bands for men are also a popular option because they are quite durable enough and can withstand various rigors of our daily life, yet they are surprisingly lightweight.

Cobalt chrome can also be another solid choice. It is 4 times harder as compared to gold and also it has a scratch-resistant and non-corrosive surface. Cobalt also is like titanium a hypoallergenic metal, that makes it suitable for people with sensitive skin.

There can be endless options for diamond ring for women, but for men it is really challenging to search a truly distinctive ring design. When designing men’s wedding bands, focus is usually given on style, simplicity and a flash of good quality diamond. Following are 5 different options available for men.

  1. Single diamond ring

In this bold design, smooth perpendicular lines cross at a spectacular single princess-cut diamond. It is a style which can suit everyday wear and at the same time holding special significance too, particularly if it is matched with a princess-cut diamond for wedding band design of the other spouse.

2. Wedding band with edging with black diamond

Any men’s diamond ring for wedding can easily look great by setting black diamond along the wedding band’ edge, which feels sleek yet very special. Dark glittering black diamonds can contrast strikingly against white gold and it will be really very cool design.

3 .Wedding band with diamonds and text

If you wish to include any message or name on the wedding finger, it is possible to custom design men’s wedding rings at affordable cost, with any of your chosen words. The text can either be engraved or raised. Letters can be scattered with bezel-set diamonds for any balanced or bright design.

4.Wedding ring with 3-tone gold for men

If you don’t prefer diamonds that does not mean that you will have any dull wedding band. There can still be a bright and distinctive ring using different blend of metal tones. This type of ring will bring together both warm as well as cool tones in the gold for any highly dynamic effect, which looks great in any light. These lines can be distinctive, yet they are united together by using smooth brushed finish.

5.Minimalist band with any yellow gold sleeve

This is for those men who like understated style and prefer to wear something very special to express his love. On the outside of the band, you will see modern, white gold with minimal brushed. From the inside, the glow of golden yellow stays beautifully polished. It can be a timeless style which will look always good even after decades of use.

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