Tips for Setting Fence Posts

There’s wisdom in the proverb that good fences make good neighbors. Fences keep the peace, mark property lines, and keep pets in their proper yards. They also provide a nice aesthetic. For example, the traditional white picket fence is part of American iconography.

Fortunately, fence installation is something that almost any homeowner can perform. Thanks in part to the wide variety of fencing types on the market today and the ease of assembly, a small fence project can be finished in as little as a weekend. That process is made even faster with the widespread availability of rapid set concrete for fence posts. Fence posts represent the structural backbone of your fence, and so they must be properly installed and set. Fence posts set in concrete can make your fence sturdy enough to resist the rigors of everyday life. Read on to learn a few tips that you can use to set your posts when constructing a fence.

Locate Utilities

One critical safety step anytime you dig in your yard is to locate utility lines. If you penetrate a water line when digging post holes, you’ll have a costly mess on your hands. If you hit a gas line or buried electrical cable, the results could be far more dire. Have local utilities find and mark service on your property.

Plan Holes

Before putting a shovel in the ground, figure out where the posts need to be. Depending on how sturdy you want your fence to be, the style of fencing, and obstacles in the path, you will want to plot the holes out before digging. It’s a good idea to measure to keep things consistent and symmetrical.

Dig Holes

You don’t have to use a post hole digger to accomplish this task, but it sure makes it a lot less back-breaking. You can use a pointed shovel or spade to dig the holes if post hole diggers aren’t available. You’ll want holes that are 2 to 3 times the width of the post in diameter, and at least 1/3 of the above-ground height of the pole. For example, if your post will have 6 feet of pole above the ground, the hole should be at least 2 feet deep.

Set the Post

The next step is to set the post. Put a little gravel in the bottom of the hole and tamp it down to give your post a foundation. Have someone hold it in place while you add rapid set concrete to the hole. Some of these concretes can be poured into the hole dry then topped with water and left to set up. That makes the post setting process fast and easy.

Building a fence is a project that any homeowner can tackle with a little time, a few tips, and the right materials such as rapid set concrete for fence posts. With well-set posts, your fence will be long-lasting, practical, and beautiful.

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