Top Reasons Why You Might Fail in A Car Theory Test

Having a driving license is one of the main priorities of every person as soon as he/she crosses the legal age to get license. However, before showing of your driving skills and depicting how much of a skilled driver you are, you must write a theory test and pass in it. It is nothing difficult but just some random questions that a person must be aware of when on road.

Here are some of the top reasons why people fail in driving theory test.

Traffic and road signs

Misinterpretation of these signs is one of the top reasons why people fail in driving theory test. The test consists of certain simple everyday road signs which a test giver has to analyze and relate it to the meaning of the signs. However, many people who have not driven much and didn’t study for the test, are bound to fail in it.

A major portion of the driving theory test consists of questions which must have knowledge of road signs and what they mean. Inability to interpret these signs would result in failing in the theory test. BookTheoryTestToday helps you in getting the appointment for your driving theory test according to your availability.

Motorway rules

Some people are not aware of the common rules which are to be followed while driving on the road. Hence, this factor too forms a major reason why people fail in the driving test. Having knowledge of the speed limit in a particular area and noise pollution areas is a must if one has to pass this test. It is mandatory that the person giving the driving test has sufficient knowledge of the motorway rules and what all measures are to be taken in a particular situation.

Safety margins

Safety should be the first priority of people when riding on the road. Hence, it is of utmost importance that proper safety measures are taken while driving. Knowledge of all the safety measures that are to be taken while driving on the road must be there.

People should be aware of what all safety measures should be taken in advance and also about what should be the instant reaction of a person in case of an emergency or a situation in which something happens. Hence, it is necessary that proper knowledge of the safety margins is kept in mind while driving on the road. Lack of knowledge in this regard would result in failing in the theory test.


Hence, having proper knowledge of the driving rules and all the signs and what they depict is a must if you wish to pass the driving theory test. You must study in advance about all these signs or must have enough experience that you know about each one of them and what they depict. Therefore, it is mandatory that you read about all of it in advance and then go for your test because I am sure no one would want to fail a driving theory test.

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