4 Ways to Give Your Business a Face Lift

Is your business looking slightly outdated? If so, then your business might feel older than you intend it to. Patrons may perceive your business as behind the times, obsolete, or even failing. Staying modern and clean is part of portraying a sense of professionalism to the public.

So if you want to make your business look and feel new again, and give it a modern look that your customers will enjoy, consider these recommendations.

Replace Furniture

If your business has a waiting room or holding area, update any outdated furniture or furnishings that are in poor condition. Sagging seats, torn upholstery, and faded fabric are signs of poor condition, and reflect poorly on your business. Retail, dining, and hospitality businesses should also consider upgraded any outdated furniture to reflect more contemporary tastes.

Upgrade to High Tech

If your business doesn’t have Wi-Fi access for guests, then you’re behind the times. This is especially the case if you expect customers to spend more than a few minutes inside of your business. Whatever their reasons may be, your customers may want to get online and have fast download speeds while at your business. Don’t question their reasons, just get ahead of your competition and upgrade. Consider also upgrading TVs, sound systems, and other media in waiting rooms.


Painting the exterior and interior of your business makes a huge difference on your company. Believe it or not, a modern coat of paint can make up for other outdated features. Best of all, this may be the most cost-effective way to upgrade your business. Repaint a commercial building to make the exterior look sharp and contemporary, rather than old and outdated. This is especially necessary if the paint outside your business looks cracked, chipped, or faded. Hire a commercial painting company in Atlanta to paint your interiors rather than paying for expensive flooring replacements or other intensive construction work.

Change Your Logo

A fresh new logo with cool graphics and sharp text make your business look attractive and with-the-times. This is especially important if you hope to appeal to a younger clientele. Change your logo, then switch out your business’ sign and front doors to reflect your new business personality. You can also hire a commercial painting company to paint the cover up any signs of your old logo so you can update to a new, more eye-catching one.

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