What to Follow after Your 40’s to Stay Fit and Happy

It is quite common for men over 40’s struggling to get back in shape. They mentally plan to cut on carbs, eat lesser portion and work out. Though this approach sounds pretty simple and is the plan followed by many. However, more than 90% of men don’t see any changes in their weight through this method. The reason behind this is failing to follow a specialized plan that would help in weight loss.

Many of us are guilty of altering our diet and workouts when we plan on losing weight. Though it seems like the basic step towards progress, this isn’t the right way to start the process. Though both these are essential for weight loss, there is something which is more important. Here are effective weight loss tips for 40+ men.

Sleep optimization:

The hormones that are responsible for weight loss are regulated during a person’s sleep. Hormone changes play a major role in weight gain. Lack of adequate sleep wrecks the levels of fat-storing and fat-burning hormones pushing your body to retain fat. Your diet plan wouldn’t prove fruitful if you aren’t sleeping well. Make sure you sleep for 6 to 7 hours.

Fixing Your Mindset: Losing weight requires commitment and is a huge goal. Start by ditching unhealthy lifestyle habits. Those include your eating habits, exercise routine and coping mechanisms for stress. The process involved replacing the unhealthy habits with healthy ones.  A strong mindset is required to welcome these changes in lifestyle. Ask yourself what/who motivates you to lose weight. Think about what could possibly happen if you continue to ignore your health.

Sustainable diet plan: Nutrition is 10 folds important than exercise. The changes in our food pattern accounts for about 80% of weight loss. Instead of falling for fad diets, it is essential to develop a sustainable which is the key for weight loss. Most are aware about what foods are to be avoided while trying to lose weight. No one is devoid of knowledge but it is important to put it into practice and make sure healthy eating habits are followed. Start with a simple diet plan instead of crash diets.

Get moving: Rather than focusing more on formal exercises, like weight training and cardio, start by making small changes to your daily activities. Though exercise is a means of losing weight, it is not the basis of weight loss. Daily activities like basic movement, walking and hiking help more. Instead of gorging on high calorie junk food and convincing yourself that you would make it up by exercising, it is wiser to make healthy eating choices. Instead of taking the escalator, take the stairs. You could also keep walking while on the phone.

Exercise: the two types of exercises to be followed are

  • Interval cardio: This workout with alternate high and low intensity workouts burn far more calories over a short duration than the usual steady-state cardio.
  • Strength training: Pumping some iron naturally increases the hormone level of anti-aging hormones and other hormones related to weight loss.

You need to follow both to shed the extra kilos in a short period of time.

Knowledge is power and proper knowledge to lose weight promises guaranteed results.

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