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Security Assurance for Every Product

Everyone wants to make sure that they’re getting good quality in the items they buy from the store, whether it’s at a physical retail down the street of their neighborhood or an online site that ships their purchases directly to their address. They want assurance in making sure that their products are genuine – not rip-offs or shams – and that they’ll work properly to fit the needs of the customer without fail. The online market may make this more difficult, but thankfully there are several product security labels your company can use to promise true quality in all your items and services.

Anti-Tamper Seals

Anti-tamper seals are perfect for online retailers, as they can be applied to the product itself and through the shipping packages you use to send your product to the customer. They can be customized to have the brand name of your company or simply have a generic anti-temper seal advisory, but in either case you and your customers have protection against thieves who may try to steal or tamper with the product during or after shipment.

Woven/Sewn-on Labels

This option is ideal for fabrics, such as clothes, blankets, towels, and other cloth-based products. Clothes are in great danger of being counterfeited thanks to similar designs or ease of access to warehouses and manufacturers, often costing customers and businesses hundreds of dollars in loss every year. A sewn in or woven label, like a company brand or icon, can greatly reduce the circulation of knock-off products and counterfeits, all while adding a personal style to the article of clothing or houseware.

Holographic Film

Holographic films allow you to create a level of security that’s hard to copy without being too intrusive on your products’ design or function; it’s particularly useful on electronics such as computers, phones, and discs. It can be made into stickers which are placed on the product for authentication by the user upon purchase, or heat sealed onto the product itself to prevent removal and damage. It’s also an eco-friendly option that’s recyclable and easy to manage.

Hang Tags and Labels

Hang tags are perfect for physical retail stores, as they can read out information of the product to customers who are looking for a description or a price as well as have bar code and brand logos for the company.

Whatever products you sell, there’s a security label available for all of them. Explore your options for product security labels today to ensure your product integrity.

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