Things to Know While Renting A Car in Portugal

Portugal is one of the most favourite destinations for holidays. It is a beautiful country and its villages and the countryside is quite charming. If you don’t want to miss them then renting a car can be a good option.

However, for moving around big cities like Lisbon or Porto, it is better to use public transport or you can also walk around the city.

You can also read more hiring car tips in Portugal from the internet. Based on our visiting experience we are trying to share few things that you should know if you prefer to drive in this country.

  1. Obtain an international driving permit

Though, while renting the car no one will ask for any international driver’s license however it is always better to have one.

This will be especially useful if you meet with an accident then the police may demand it.

  1. Book in advance if you need only automatic transmission car

In Europe people mostly prefer to drive manual transmission car. Automatic transmission cars are very rare. However, they usually keep only few of them for American tourists.

Therefore, if you exclusively need an automatic transmission car then try to book in advance.

  1. There are few local car rental companies too

There are few big rental companies here however you will find many local car rental companies too.

It is will be better to do some research about these companies and you can find few good companies who do not try to sell anything and are quite friendly too.

  1. Consider to rent a smaller car

Unless you are carrying too many luggage, prefer to hire a smaller car, so that you can save some money on fuel. Also, some of the roads are so narrow that it will be difficult to drive your SUV.

  1. You may often find narrow roads

Quite often your GPS may lead to narrow paths in the remote village. There can be lots of twists and turns on the road too.

  1. Your rental car may be diesel car

Diesel seems to be most popular fuel in this country as most of the vehicles you will find are diesel driven. Try to fill cheaper grade of diesel as rental car does not need any premium grade diesel.

  1. Compare price if you prefer one-way rental

If you like then you can also choose one-way rental too, so that you can drop your car to the nearest rental location of the company.

However, you need to do shopping as few companies may ask for surcharge even for same city while few other companies just don’t bother.

  1. For insurance coverage check from your credit cards

It is essential to get insurance for the rental car too. Some of the credit card offers free insurance for car rental so check from your credit card provider whether they offer the same or not.

Otherwise you will have to buy such insurance for your car.

  1. Highways can be really wonderful with toll

If you want to avoid toll road then there are normal roads available but you will find plenty of traffic and you have to drive slowly.

However, if you pay the toll then you can get on highways which will be a real pleasure to drive. You can go at up to the speed of 160 kmph and will not find any police or radar. People of this country are good in driving and not so aggressive drivers like few other countries.

  1. GPS may be useful in smaller towns

In cities, generally there are enough signs and you can drive easily without any GPS. However, moment you enter into remote areas, you will badly need GPS.

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